When You Realize You Have to Let Go

When You Realize You Have to Let Go

The Time Has Come to Entrust Your Child to Someone Else

Letting go is so hard.  Realizing that you have to entrust the care of your child to someone else is a hard pill to swallow.  How do you give up control?  How do trust that someone else will love and care for your child like you did?  How do you let go?

With a prayer and faith, that’s how.

Our oldest daughter and her boyfriend got engaged.  They swore they were not having any children.


They were wrong.

This was grand baby #4 for us, but that isn’t what the story today is about (although it is a wonderful story!).  The story today is how I realized I had to entrust my daughter to this man that had promised to love and cherish her as much as I do.  Oh boy was that hard to do!!

The pregnancy went surprisingly well.  She has never handled pain or sickness well, but 9 months went by with barely a complaint out of her.

She was diagnosed with gestational diabetes late in the pregnancy, so they set up a day to induce labor.  The first trip to the hospital, they sent her home because come to find out, the maternity ward wasn’t ready for her.  She was going to have to go back the next day.  They came home to our house and stayed the night with us.

Then bright and early the next morning they went to the hospital for another go at it.  I headed to the hospital as soon as I could get away from work.  It had been several hours by that time and the potossin wasn’t doing the trick, she wouldn’t dilate past 2cm.  We waited for I don’t remember how many more hours for it to work.  We napped, we took pictures, we watched tv, still no baby.

When You Realize You Have to Let Go

Finally the doctor came in and informed us that the potossin obviously wasn’t working and he felt it was time to take her in for a c-section.  This baby wasn’t coming any other way.  They were going to prep her immediately for an emergency c-section.  My heart dropped.

What?!  No!  I was supposed to be there for the delivery!  I was supposed to be able to see my grand child be born, this was my chance to be there when one of them made their arrival!  I looked at the two of them and realized that I was going to miss it, all of it.

I could have thrown a fit, insisted that I go back with her.  My son-in-law may have let me get away with it, or maybe not.  But looking at the two of them, I realized that this was their moment, their life and I was going to have to entrust my daughter’s life to this man.  If something went wrong, I had to trust that he would make the right decision in a split second.

They didn’t know it at the time, but I was freaking out!  And my hubby, my best friend, hadn’t gotten off work yet.  So it was just me and our youngest daughter, poor girl, I don’t think she knew what to do with me.

My last words to him as he put on scrubs and they wheeled her through those ominous double doors…


His response….


In that moment, I knew that I could trust my baby girl with this person she had chosen to spend her life with.  I realized I could let go.  Everything turned out fine, our beautiful granddaughter was healthy and our daughter made it through with flying colors.  They are blessings to us each and every day.  And of course, I was the first one to hold her after daddy.

When You Realize You Have to Let Go

When You Realize You Have to Let Go


It is hard to let go, to give up control, to not be the one they always turn to for advice and help.  It is all part of letting them grow up and trusting that you have done your job as a parent to teach them well.

Remember to have FAITH as they leave the nest, that is what will make it easier

and maybe some wine 😉

until we talk again,


P.S  Have your children left the nest yet?  How are you coping?  If you need to talk, I am here… with tissues…and wine if you need it.  Let’s start a conversation!


When You Realize You Have to Let Go




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